Analytics Servers


Analytics Server is a ready-to-use Cent-OS Linux Server with Data Mining and Text Mining Capabilities.

datascienceData Science : The key to making better Business Decisions

Use Data that are generated during your Company's day-to-day Operations to extract actionable and unknown Insights that can help you make better Business Decisions.

Data may originate from sources such as Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Customer Feedback and more. With data Science you extract the Best Practices of your Business while at the same time you identify -previously unknown- issues that can negatively affect your Business.

Use all of your Unstructured Data (Customer Feedback, E-Mails, PDFs) to better understand what your customers want and what is important to them.

Use enhanced Search Capabilities in all of your Text Data using Semantics and not just keywords.

Software may -automatically- identify the important incoming E-Mails for you in the same way Spam E-Mails are identified. You may also search and retrieve E-Mails for specific events such as retrieving only the E-Mails that contain support questions for a certain Product or Service.

dataminingData Mining Software

We configured State-of-the-art Data Mining software to get you started : R, RStudio, KNIME, Scikit-Learn and WEKA can be used to perform Classification Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Text Mining and Predictive Analytics.

Information Extraction Software & Text Mining

General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) and Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) can be used for analyzing Textual Information.


We added MySQL which can be used as a Database that can hold all data that you want to analyze.


Eclipse IDE is configured so that you may use Data Mining Algorithms in your own software and applications

Need Help?textmining

Data Science brings a revolution on "Data-driven" Companies but finding skilled Data Scientists is not an easy task.

We provide Consulting services on how to collect, analyze and make better Business Decisions from your Data at truly competitive rates.

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