Cloud SQL Databases

Cloud Database is Grow2Cloud  PaaS offering for providing cloud-based databases powered by 'Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Web Edition'. It is a highly available, scalable and multi-tenant database service hosted by Grow2Cloud reducing customer management overhead. Cloud Database enables users to easily deploy and provision multiple databases using flexible resource allocation according to the user actual needs. Customers can start using their provisioned databases quickly and simply by using the same tools they use for on-premises databases.

Create your databases

Create SQL Server databases quickly and simply according to your requirements and associate database user accounts with the databases by granting them access (db_owner, db_datareader, db_datawriter, public security role support).


Manage your databases

Manage your databases by using the Workspace available to you by logging in to our Marketplace. Take advantage of the available maintenance tools in order to "backup" and "restore" your SQL Server Databases on demand. Furthermore, by "shrinking" database files you may reduce the size of database data and log files.



Monitor and control your databases

Monitor your databases data file and log file "size" information available in your Workspace. Get "alerted via email" when the available disk space is bellow an error percentage limit. If required, "connect" to your databases using SQL Management Studio by specifying the connection information for SQL Server databases found in your Workspace.
 Standard Product Characteristics
    Data Backup - Backup is included (7 days retention period)
   SLA 99,99% with refund
  Database Management & Monitoring 
Perform basic management tasks and monitor database size 
by using the available Workspace


High-Performance Storage

The central data center storage systems consist of high level Storage Area Network (SAN) equipment featuring both Fibre Channel and iSCSI connection protocols ensuring high data protection by use of standard RAID disk array configurations as well as advanced network RAID levels for even greater protection, availability and expandability.


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