Cloud Virtual Servers


Cloud Server

Cloud Servers are virtualized on-demand servers, designed to behave just like physical servers so that they are easy for you to work with. You start and scale Cloud Servers and can run your app or business, any-way you want it.


Standard Product Characteristics
Disk/Storage IOPS* Each Cloud Server can offer high performance and is suitable for applications with moderate or bursty requirements of storage transactions. Each Cloud Server can burst up to 800 IOPS by default. For extensive workloads like databases, you can easily upgrade by purchasing additional IOPS.
Unlimited Traffic
2 TB of monthly internet traffic is included. For additional traffic requirements you may contact us.
via a Cloud Gateway
By purchasing a Cloud Server there is a dedicated appliance for each customer controlling access to the Internet.
Firewall as A Service
A Cloud Gateway can be upgraded to a Cloud Firewall for taking advantage of a dedicated security appliance for protecting its Cloud Server infrastructure. Contact us for additional information.
For protecting your Cloud Server using against threats you may contact us.
Data Backup
Backup is included (2 days retention period)
Additional IP address
A single public IP address is assigned to each Cloud Server. For additional public IP address requirements you may contact us.
99,99% with refund.
Server Management
& Monitoring

Perform basic Cloud Server management tasks and monitor key performance indicators (CPU, RAM, Disk Space, IOPS, Network Traffic) by connecting to the available management and monitoring portals.

* IOPS are measured in 8K increments (In terms of normalized IOPS every 8 KB of data is counted as an I/O)

High-Performance Storage

The central data center storage systems consist of high level Storage Area Network (SAN) equipment featuring both Fibre Channel and iSCSI connection protocols ensuring high data protection by use of standard RAID disk array configurations as well as advanced network RAID levels for even greater protection, availability and expandability.

Cloud Servers can be designed
by you to get high performance
by choosing your resources (CPU, RAM, storage) and Storage IOPS. 


Available OSs
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Windows Server 2012 R2        Windows Server 2012 
Oracle Linux 6.5  CentOS 6.5   

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