Cloud Desktops (VDI)

strategy1What is Cloud Desktop

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop-orientated service that hosts user-desktop environments on remote servers. Users accessed the desktops over a network using a remote display protocol. A connection-brokering service connects users to their assigned desktop sessions. For users, this means they can access their desktop from any location, without having to use a single client device. Since the resources are centralized, users moving between work locations can still access the same desktop environment with their applications and data For IT administrators, this means a more centralized, efficient client environment that is easier to maintain and able to respond more quickly to the changing needs of the user and business

Pros of using Cloud Desktop

  • Mobility/BYOD – End users can access Windows desktops and applications anywhere, anytime from any device, including thin clients, home PCs, smart phones, and pads.
  • Security – Critical applications and data are moved from the edge into the data center, where they are more secure.
  • CapEx Savings – Thin/zero clients have longer lifespans than PCs and laptops, enabling IT to get out of the device management business and avoid recurring 3-5 year PC refresh cycles. New Microsoft VDA licensing options and layering innovation for Hyper-V have significantly reduced the price of VDI to the point where it now costs less than new PCs.
  • Energy Savings – Zero and thin clients use significantly less power than PCs and laptops.
  • Manageability and OpEx Savings – Newer layering technology makes it far easier to package and deliver applications and apply Windows updates, compared to first generation application virtualization technology, or the legacy agent-based software distribution tools used in physical PC environments.

· Break/Fix Savings – Virtual desktops don’t have the physical hardware issues that PCs have. Non-persistent virtual desktops that are damaged by user configurations can be fixed in minutes by Level 1 support staff with a simple reboot. Persistent desktops managed by layering technology can be fixed just as easily by rolling back the Personalization layer to an earlier, “clean” snapshot, with the added advantage that users don’t lose valuable work time redoing all of their customizations.

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