Cloud E-mail Protection


SaaS email protection:
The light, safe, simple and complete solution

 Panda Cloud Email Protection

SaaS email protection

Maximum antimalware and antispam protection

Minimum servers and a bandwidth usage

No upfront investment, no maintenance

Web-based management anywhere, anytime

Immediate startup

Panda Cloud Email Protection has provided our client with a crucial solution for spam management, freeing from the routine tasks such as mail filtering and removal. After just 7 days using it, they rated it 10 out of 10.





Maximum real-time protection

Collective Intelligence stops non-productive traffic before it enters the corporate network
Minimum costs

No upfront investment or hardware and software maintenance. Panda Security manages your IT security infrastructure, updates and patches transparently to users
  Minimal resource consumption

Reduced bandwidth consumption and mail server saturation

Immediate startup

Just redirect your server’s Mail Exchange (MX) Record to enjoy the protection

  Increased IT and employee productivity  
Simplified security management and monitoring -even for mobile users- anytime, anywhere Aids regulatory compliance and Green IT
  Pay per use

Pay for the real number of users of the service
  24x7 service availability  

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