Cloud web Backup Professional

Grow2Cloud WebBackup Professional is an end-user backup application
bundled with comprehensive backup features and specialized backup modules
for backing up database servers, email servers, file servers and common files.



On-Premise, Online or Hybrid Backups

Grow2Cloud WebBackup Professional is a versatile backup application that allows you to back up databases, applications and virtual machines to local and offsite destinations, e.g. local hard disk, on-premises backup appliance, and managed online backup server located in Interworks datacenter.


Most Wanted Server Backup Modules Included

Grow2Cloud WebBackup Professional comes with dedicated backup modules for VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Group (DAG), Microsoft Exchange Database, Microsoft Exchange Mailbox, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino/Notes, MySQL, and Windows Bare Metal. These most wanted modules are going to help MSPs / VARs win more managed backup businesses.


High Speed

Most of you demand your backups to be completed as quickly as possible. Grow2Cloud WebBackup Professional is one of the fastest backup applications equipped with all speed optimizing technologies, including multi-threading, In-File Delta, fast indexing, small files optimization, unwanted file exclusion filter, etc. Thus, it can definitely fulfill your speed hungry needs.

  100% Restorable

Noone wants to experience trouble during restore. With Grow2Cloud WebBackup Professional, you are offered with a 100% successful restore service, as the corresponding WebBackup by Interworks will have regular CRC integrity checking mechanism which ensures the backed up data to be 100% restorable.

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